1. Abba / Mamma Mia

    I think it's safe to say I have never liked an Abba song. They are all resoundingly awful. I'd rather have my teeth pulled with a claw hammer than see Mamma Mia (either the film or the musical)

  2. Luis Vuitton

    It's ugly brown with an ugly logo. I cannot fathom why anyone thinks these look good.

  3. Hello! / Ok! / Girls magazines in general.

    It's tough to say if they are worse that lads magazines (Nuts, Loaded, What not) but these are universally appalling. What's even worse is smart intelligent women read these. Playboy has better stories. Comics have better morals. These magazines lack even that.

  4. Parking in disabled bays

    What.is.wrong.with.you.people. (That would be able bodied people parking in disabled bays)

  5. Talking in movies.

    It's not a living room.

  6. Not trying new things

    Life's to short to always order the same pizza

  7. People who "don't really read"

    Books are the most amazing thing ever. Read something. Anything.





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