Dear Adrian,

Further to our previous correspondence, I have put together the formal wording
for requesting permission to use images, which Oxford University Press would
like to have for their records. If you are happy with the request, then please
feel free to e-mail a quick reply saying so.

You may be pleased to hear that the image has come together nicely (see attached), I hope -- the soft tissue fold above the fracture even looks like a puff of smoke!

I would like to ask if would be possible to use the image of the broken cigarette from the URL

The intended academic publication details are:

Authors/Editors: Murray Longmore, Judith Collier, and Tom Turmezei
Title: The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties, 8th edition

To be published by Oxford University Press in 2009

Thanks again!
Best wishes,

Dr. Tom Turmezei
SpR in Diagnostic Radiology
Norwich Radiology Academy

I am an avalanche risk on the slopes. Because of my singing. You see I have an attachment for my snowboarding helmet that plugs into my iPod and Walkie Talkie. This allows me to sing along to some awesome tracks whislt boarding, which is like the super best thing. In fact I cannot conceive of boarding with out music it's so cool. I get the shakes thinking of my iPod batter running flat now.

On the up side, nothing clears skiiers on a cat run (road width small gradient slope) than coming along singing NIN, Closer or Bloodhound Gang, A lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying, a little to loud.

Below is my playlist of tracks I built in the few hours when I should have been packing. Mostly from ratings although also from just going down the artist list. Playcounts are overall and not just from the ski trip.





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