Last bit of luck needed. All I need is a bit of love.

In response to comments on Higher brain functions currently suspended

Do I think that socially there is an problem with the image of women the media portrays?
Yes I do.

Do I think the media is to blame for this issue?
No I don't. I think the media is partly responsible, but so are those people who buy what they are selling (the concept as much as the wares). I think there is a greater philosophical question of how much the media is creating and how much the media is giving what people want. I'm not a social anthropologist, so I don't have the answer, but I do believe that merely blaming the media is a easy answer, but is a sorely deficient one.

Really wish me luck. This is the big one. I need to nail this.

In the opening to the movie Match Point the main character says "I'd rather be lucky than good". He then goes on later to shag Scarlett Johansson which backs his point up largely. Although he also does some very bad stuff so maybe we should leave it there.

Well I would rather be confident than good. I mean I want to be good too, but however skillful you are, having confidence lets you do something at the peak of your ability and lacking it drags you down to way below your actual skill level.

Whether it's snowboarding, going for a job, talking to a girl or standing up in front of a crowd and giving a presentation confidence is about the most important thing you can have, closely followed by preparation. The two are often closely related as doing preparation often gives confidence.

Happy Birthday
Thanks very much
So you going out with your favourite girlfriend tonight. They say you must take her flowers and out for a nice meal, it's Valentines day you know.
Um, ... I have no girlfriend pa, favourite or otherwise.
Aaah I get it ... you're playing the field

He's like 88 you know. I hate to lie to him, so didn't answer that one.





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