I hate cats. I mean I really fucking hat them. Cat people just can’t comprehend just how much people like me hate cats.

I see cats not far small demons that have cast a spell on those around them. The more people think cats are cute the more it pains me. It’s like that couple that think their kid is cute, when he is running around pissing on everything and making a noise. And you wonder why they can’t see that their child is demon spawn. Well cats for me like that. Except with tear gas.

And the anthropomorphising of cats? It drives me up the wall. It’s a fucking animal. Arrgh. Stop it just stop it please for the love of heck stop it. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t have a voice and it sure as hell isn’t a fucking Disney movie.

Anyway, I suppose I slightly over react to cats, but over the years this has built up and a built up. I tried to describe why in my Ode to Cats but no one really got it. Let me try explain.

I bet lawyers and accountants and non techies never have these kinds of conversations

jc> I found out why sometimes you have problems loading the page, but then why when I do it a few seconds later it’s fine

me> yeah

me> because you hate me?

me> vzaar hates me?

me> Larry and Sergio hate me?

jc> secretly I think they ‘hate’ everyone

me> god hates me?

jc> God strikes down and smites fat mongrels

me> so god is bouncing mongrals too often?

jc> anyways I’ve made god more tolerant

jc> the app is still a little too fat for it’s own good

jc> but now God will excuse it

jc> god did it to smite memory hogs

jc> but now god is more forgiving

me> I am so bloggin gthis conversation

[JC is our super genius head of dev and tech, and whilst super brilliant, is not actually the son of god]





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