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Dear Nike

I admit, I didn’t meet you half way. I didn’t train properly, and trust me, the pain is all my own fault.

However if you look closely at yourself you probably will admit you dropped the baton too.

I mean we wall know the London Nike 10k is a bit of a brand marketing thing. But in the past it was quite cool. Now with this “Human Race” palava, you’ve really just turned it into a massive advert for Nike+.

But hey, I could give you that.

However could you please direct me to the marketing whore who decided forcing everyone to watch a gig was a good idea? I mean we started running at 8:15pm. We had to be in the stadium by 6. So that’s near on 3 hours we sat in the cold listening to bands we didn’t want to when we really just wanted to get on with the running. Seriously … what were you thinking.

I’d like to say “ill conceived” but I might just say “marketing wank and piss off”.

So now we are all cold and bored and irritable. And it starts to rain. Now that’s not your fault even if you carefully timed it to get some great marketing pictures of Wembley stadium lit up at night. However as a place to run at night, if we’re honest Wembley is not fucking London bridge (where you did the first one). Things that aren’t inspirational when running

  • Ikea
  • Tescos
  • The A1
  • The Ikea Loading bay
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial estates
  • The Tesco Garage
  • Construction sites
  • Zig zagging through the same boring parking lot

Lucky London has a lot of cute behinds on their lady folk else it would have been a complete disaster.

I did my worst time. I admit it, I should have trained. But running in the cold and the wet (Wembley has more puddles than anywhere on the planet) in the most shit hole ugly part of London did you no justice.

Please stop with the wankering and go back to organising decent races again.

Yours Sincerly

Adrian - 1:05:50 - Sevitz

(My Nike+ is out by 1.5% in it’s calibration, I did run a full 10kms)


02 Sep, '08 10:04 AM

1. Andrew

I suggest that you take a positive action on this - write to someone suggesting a better approach for next year.

02 Sep, '08 10:14 AM

2. Adrian

I thought about it but

  • Have no idea who to write to
  • Am entirely positive they wont give a damn
  • Am not sure my passive aggressive tone would go down so well.

If I knew the answer to the first question I guess I could dismiss the second two,

02 Sep, '08 10:20 AM

3. Andrew

Start with nikeplus.europe(at)nike.com

You may be suprised. Takes no more effort than blogging it.

02 Sep, '08 3:20 PM

4. Gail

I thought it was also pretty steep charging any friends who wanted to support you £10 for the privilege…and then you couldn’t even sit next to them while you were waiting for the race to start. And yes, that first kilometre running up and down the car park as if we were in some massive queueing system was really bizzarre!

02 Sep, '08 3:33 PM

5. Adrian

Yeah totally.

Hell you ‘technically’ could even sit next to your own friends who were running, as each ticket had it’s own entrance.

Badly thought out.




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