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Fakesevitz gets a care bear


25 Jul, '08 12:34 PM

1. Matt

This FakeSevitz thing is getting better and better…

And no, it wasn’t me (but the Royal Mail postmark would’ve told you that…).

I <3 fake Sevitz.

25 Jul, '08 12:42 PM

3. Adrian

It was bought off eBay (I reckon) so the postmark is meaningless.

Perfect - I’ll add it to my collection. I will love him and hug him and squeeze him and call him George. Yippee! Love is in the air!!!


Loving it. Best laugh I’ve had in ages…

And no, it’s not me either.

25 Jul, '08 2:59 PM

6. nige

I thought you more a my little pony fancier.

27 Jul, '08 11:37 PM

7. The B

Are you finding it amusing or a little bit creepy?

28 Jul, '08 12:21 AM

8. Adrian

Totally amusing.

28 Jul, '08 2:32 AM

9. Danzor

You can’t possibly be finding it as amusing as I am.




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