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This person in this picture IS NOT ME.

I mean it looks like me. It's even wearing Oakley glasses. I've never owned Oakley sunglasses in that frame though. Or a green shirt like that.

Freaky. Even I spent 10 mins trying to figure out if it was me. And I know me, and that not me.

This is not me.

Found by my mate Nolan on http://technocrati.com/, which is not http://technorati.com/ (one might say the site too is a doppelgänger).


10 Mar, '08 12:53 PM

1. Andrew

you don’t have that many chins.

10 Mar, '08 1:15 PM

2. Pete

We need to track down that guy and get a photo of him head-on, so we can find out if he just looks like you in profile, or if he really is your double.

10 Mar, '08 2:16 PM

3. Matt

I don’t think he looks like you at all, apart from being roughly the same build, and the Oakleys.

11 Mar, '08 7:48 PM

4. Mrs. X

Obviously it’s not you. The only person I know with arms that hairless is Nolan.

12 Mar, '08 7:12 AM

5. Adrian

Ah yes, proof it’s not me.

Although obviously I also don’t have the hulking big man biceps of Nolan either.

14 Mar, '08 4:31 AM

6. imelda





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