Is there anything else I can help you with Sir?

10 words guaranteed to drive me insane. You’d think it was a good thing. You’d think it was customer service. At least somebody does. Somebody who doesn’t work in a call centre and who gets paid a lot more money than the poor TNT rep I just yelled at.

The short of the backstory is this. I ordered two copies of OS X Leopard. Was meant to be delivered on the 25th, then the 26th and then 29th. It wasn’t. Eventually I do some digging and call TNT. Apparently it was recalled to the depot and has been sitting there waiting for Apple to tell them to redeliver this. ASFAICT the only way Apple would do this would be when I phone to complain that my item had not arrived.

I short circuited this and phone the shipper directly. Have a whole rant where I establish, that they were waiting for Apple or some divine force to tell them when to deliver my goods. So I get delivery sorted for tomorrow after getting quite annoyed and being told several times they can’t delivery it today no matter how much it’s not my fault.

So I’m like “Fine deliver it tomorrow”, and I hear the dreaded 10 words.

I know they have script they work from. I know this is how they work.

I’ve even got into infinite loops with the reps where I see how long I can push this

Me: Can you deliver this tomorrow?

Rep: No

Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with Sir?

Me: Well, can you deliver this tomorrow? Rep: No

Me: Well then I think not.

Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with Sir?

Me: Well, can you deliver this tomorrow?

Rep: No

Me: Well then I think not.

etc etc etc etc

Someone in call centres but realise that it’s insane pissing off annoyed customers. This line of the script which I presume they are forced to ask is just pointless.

Which probably indicative of the biggest problem with call centres (IMHO), is that the people on the phone have very little power to make decisions or take actions that help customers, and the people that make decisions and set policy never work in the friking call centre are are too distant from annoyed customers. So call centres land up with people that are basically human webpages (basic forms and direction) and not really customer service reps at all.

At least web pages don’t ask me if their is anything else they can do. And if they did I would close them. Close them right down.

When coding goes bad

Nice to see screw ups live on the web. Else there is a level of filth that’s new too me. I’ll bank on it being a screwing code up, as I know most filth.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about

I've had a busy summer. I've never worked so hard in my life and I've been going out a fair bit. Then their was summer holidays in Llfranc, Paris, Paris, Barcelona, Cardiff with New York in November. Right now I'm losing weight through stress and I'm sure that's not healthy.

I said (to myself only mind you) that I was going to quit drinking between the Rugby World Cup final (did I mention we won?) and my New York Trip 4 weeks later. Of course there are certain events coming up that will make this really tough, so I'm going to temper it with trying to drink as little as possible.

However this mostly means I can't go out. I mean that isn't a bad thing, because not going out means I can get stuff done (you know, life admin type stuff) as well as hit the gym, and possible lose weight through healthy means (i.e. not stress) or build muscle instead.

What's annoying is that it basically means not seeing my friends. Now I know you don't have to drink to go out. But what do you do when you are meeting friends? You go for a few drinks. Or you go for dinner, which involves a few drinks and even if you don't drink, I'm trying to be healthy, that basically means home cooked meals and no drink.

It's just no really feasible to be healthy and see mates. Pretty much all our social activities revolve around eating or drinking. Especially mid week. I don't really have a queue of mates wanting to come to the gym with me.

So basically if I want to spend a few weeks being healthy or a few months (building up to ski season) I have to turn down my friends midweek.

Either I'm missing something, or life arsehats. What kind of stupid choice is that. I want my 22 year old metabolism back. Please.

When I am grand dictator of all (pending) the following people go on my list of "amongst the first with their backs to the wall"

People who quip up with "Oh did you **actually** play the game" in response to "we won" when talking about a sport.

We is a perfectly acceptable associative reference to a team. Or electoral party. Or family. Or any group.

So we meaning, "South Africans" or "Liverpool Football Club Supporters" or "Labour Voters" doesn't mean you need to be the chap on the field to speak about having won. The players in the team represent something more than the 15 on the field. Ever wonder what the "shirt" or the "badge" is when players talk about playing for the shirt. It's the connectivity that teams have with their history and their fans. It's the "we".

So next time someone quips up "What do you mean _we_ did you actually play the game" just remember ... backs first to the wall when I'm grand lord dictator of all.

That is all.

I get accused of being a Mac fanboy on occasion. I get friends occasionally go off on how they hate macs (Hi Craig).

I just got a brand new untouched. HP for the office. Booted it up. Have now (2 hours later) have finished installing over 100 updates, and rebooting 4 times. Let me add that's after a few reboots and updating the updating software first. Also I have a box in the corner that keeps flashing and telling me my system might be at risk and my AntiVirus software is out of date. This is a brand new machine.

Granted Vista might be a better out of the box experience, but I've yet to hear good reports on vista, especially on inexpensive hardware.

You can argue pros and cons of machines and their are fair points on both sides. Although less of an argument when you take away familiarity (people generally like what they are used too).

However you cannot, in no way argue that a PC has a better out of the box experience.

Hell you'd struggle to argue that it has anything but a mediocre one. I'd even go so far as to say atrocious. It's border line the same experience as buying a new cordless drill. Which is why people generally view PCs as tools and Macs as something more.





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