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I have to see this man live next time he plays London. And record his Sunday Morning XFM show more often.

For a man who only does one liners, he is hysterical. I was in stitches with the shagger joke.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, Jimmy Carr.


20 Mar, '07 12:13 PM

1. Matt

Me and Nikki saw him last year in the Olympia in Dublin. He was very, very funny. Although in that post I describe the majority of his jokes as one-liners, they are actually two-liners.

20 Mar, '07 4:32 PM

2. nrgza

Did you also watch this entire 100 best stand-ups countdown?

Or am I the only lame one?

20 Mar, '07 4:58 PM

3. Adrian

I watched about the last 60 of them.

The order was completely irrelevant and pointless, but was quite an amusing watch. Although I did think some of the comedians where a bunch of unfunny raciest bigoted misogynistic dickheads, who just used comedy as an excuse for being arsehats.

20 Mar, '07 5:32 PM

4. Stuart

I saw him in…2001, I think it was, on the Carling Comedy Tour, it was a competition and they held the semi-final at my university. His act was very different…still a lot of one-liners, but the whole time he was shaking and talking like he was scared absolutely rabbit-in-the-headlights shitless. When he won and bounded up onto the stage as this confident guy in a suit, he did a split-second bit of the scared shaking and then turned it off again. It was really impressive.

20 Mar, '07 11:22 PM

5. bezwick

I have a couple of his DVDs and they are excellent. Although having watched both of them twice in one weekend, I went to a dinner party and some guy I had never met said I reminded him of Jimmy Carr. I think I had started saying everything in his one sentence style.

I love the granny falling over one. I seem to remember mentioning that was my favourite joke at the moment during both ski trips.

“Swimming’s good for you. Especially if you are drowning. Not only do you get a good cardovascular work out, you don’t die”.


22 Mar, '07 1:24 AM

6. The B

The laugh followed by an “oo-oh” is so true. Very funny, thanks Sevitz - and welcome back from the skiing photos. Must have been hell.

22 Mar, '07 10:45 AM

7. ella

jimmy carr is as funny as that dick with the stupid hair… :I

23 Mar, '07 3:24 AM

8. Destructor

He walked past me in the Spice this one time.

23 Mar, '07 11:01 AM

9. nrgza

He’s on Facebook!




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