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Man, poorly written arguments really really annoy me. There are good and valid arguments against the iPod, and then iPod bashing dressed up as journalism because we obviously are too talentless to write anything new, interesting or genuine.

In response to 10 Things Your iPod Won't Tell You, which could also be called "10 bullshit arguments I rehash because I need to get paid and iPod bashing is easier if you ignore constructing any actual arguments"

  1. It's good to be king — but my reign may be coming to an end.

    I'll assume he's trying to have a go at protected music on IMs and not the format itself. The whole point here is pretty much rubbish, as are his analogies. Every single paid solution is a proprietary closed format. Sure the MS "plays for sure" approach plays on a larger variety of devices, but it's still a closed format. Apple also pretty much owns the market here, so it's not painting itself into a corner, as much as owning the room, and possibly the whole house. The bigger internet beat AOL, but there is no bigger solution for online music at the moment. There is also an assumption that Jobs didn't learn from the original Mac problems, and even that the market environments are similar enough that the parallel can be drawn, which is iffy at best.

  2. Customer service is a privilege, not a right

    There is actually no point here. He points out that the entire industry is getting tighter on customer services (things you want to buy don't just get magically cheaper), selling extended warranties (nothing new, and quite common for people who want peace of mind), for having a really good support website (and this is bad service how? Apple site easily is way better than most of the competition) and for having a massive fan base that sets up support and fan sites (so Apple should be less popular or have less fanatical fans or what?). See this all sounds like Apple is bad and evil and going to make you give up a kid to get support, but the relality is that the iPod is probably better supported than any other device on the planet. And I have found the in store experience pretty good as well as hearing far more positive reports than not. Sure problems exist, but for the most part they do well.

  3. If you drop me, I'm toast

    Unlike any other portable audio device, digital camera or consumer electronics. I personally can drop kick my camcorder across the room and it just bounces gently and rolls back to me. Curse you Apple for your flimsiness of your hard drive. Why don't you invent a super bouncable hard drive instead of having all those companies create the widest array of carrying cases for any device. I also like how he lists $99 as what you'll pay for a leather case but fails to mention you can probably pick something cheap up for $10 as well.

  4. You say 'backup'; we say 'copyright infringement

    Ok so it's not as easy to pull tracks off as it is to put them on. However on your own computer with iTunes you can just drag them off so it's not like it's been made all that hard, and if you want to do it elsewhere, there are tons of free apps that can do it easily with no fuss that takes all of about 2 seconds to find. I personally like Sahrepod which is free, easy to use, requires no installs and portable. Not to mention that many iPod owners really don't care about this as they just sync and play.

  5. My battery life is pathetic

    He has a go that battery life varies by use and settings and then that a battery can only take so many charges. How this is different to any other rechargeable batter I don't know. Ok so they had a bit of a poor battery replacement strategy originally, but they have improved on this. So it's not perfect, but you still have options (including 3rd party).

  6. I'm destroying your hearing

    So is every other portable audio device, so why have a crack at Apple. In fact in Europe this was set quieter but people removed this block. Or is that apples fault too. And if you really think it's Apples fault if your hearing suffers by sticking in some headphones and playing constantly at full volume, then you're an idiot.

  7. I'm out of date before I'm out of the box

    Screw you Apple. Why do you have to innovate so much. Can't you stop making devices I want to buy. You're so evil like that. Don’t forget if you don’t want the latest model, you don't have to actually buy it. he even compliments Apple on achieving some degree of compatibility across models, which the iPods competitors can't do since they keep releasing model after model trying to complete with the ipod. There are far less iPods than competing models, yet it's the iPods fault for bringing out new models. Sigh.

  8. I've sparked a crime wave

    Moral here seems to be "Don’t buy nice things cause people want to steal them". Apple should make uglier less popular devices like it's competitors so that they don't get stolen. Of course then you wouldn't want one. You probably should buy a nice car either. Buy some old banger that people don’t want instead.

  9. We'll nickel-and-dime you any chance we get

    Apple has dropped the prices as well when removing the stuff that used to come in box. The theory being if you want it you'll buy it and if you don't you might be able to afford the cheaper shelf price. Oh and if a new one is cheaper than repairing a broken one (not always unusual with consumer electronics), then BUY A NEW ONE.

  10. Once you go iPod, you're locked in for life

    At this point he has run out of points, so he just repeats point one, hoping that he has confused you enough by then that you wont notice. How does this guy get paid for this shit

Noah Rothbaum, I totally PWN you.


02 Jun, '06 9:04 AM

1. Adam

Spot on post. Its just a small guy trying to screw the big guys for making a sucsessfull product.

Flame a product, get paid and be popular with the creative fan boys.

02 Jun, '06 9:13 AM

2. Gordon

Bravo Sir. Well said indeed.

My response to the “ohh why did you buy an iPod when the [other] player is better?” is to say “because I like them”. Argue THAT!

02 Jun, '06 9:48 AM

3. Tom

As you point out, his arguments are not necessarily limited to just Apple (my player has a shit battery life) but I have to back him on point 3. The slugline doesn’t do justice to what he’s saying in that point: that the iPods harddrive is shit. They advertise the iPod as being something you can dance with and, more importantly, something you can run with. Which is crap. You can’t. Well, not if you’re a serious runner who actually does more than jog or skip and not if you’re the proud owner of any of the models over 4Gb. I.e. the one’s with the hard drive. Solid state players are fine - no moving parts. The hard drive models? You’re going to be shit out of luck.

But, as you say, this is not an argument that can be exclusively applied to Apple - all spinny disc music players suffer when being used to pound on the street.

02 Jun, '06 10:15 AM

4. Adrian

Actually I ran both 10km races and training with an iPod Mini which was hard drive based.

And I have seen plenty of people training around Hyde Park with the full sized one.

So what I’m hearing is that I’m a woesy, non serious, not hard enough runner. I would challenge that, but I know you can crush me like the insect I am.

The thing is, if you are a serious runner, that the bigger hdd models do jump with because you are that hard, you have the shuffle and the nano to go for, so it’s not like Apple provides no solution.

All that aside, as you say in your last para, this isn’t an argument against iPods, but against large capacity hard drive audio players. You can hardly title an article about issue with Apple and the iPod and then string together a criticism against the generic technology used in all it’s competitors as well. It’s lazy and half baked writing.

It’s like complaining that BMW cars use petrol.

02 Jun, '06 10:49 AM

5. Tom

BMW cars use petrol? Oh noes!

I did mention that it’s only an argument against HDD based players and that solid state is fine. I bought the missus a shuffle for her birthday to use for running. And I know a lot of people do use it when they go running - my missus used to run with her CD walkman and had no problems.

Me? I can’t use it. They skip. Even the iPod I used. So I stick to solid state players that really have no moving parts. I’m even tempted to upgrade to a 4Gb iPod Nano.

But only in black.

02 Jun, '06 10:52 AM

6. Adrian

Maybe you just run funny?

07 Jun, '06 11:26 AM

7. Krygor

I hate iPod. I crashed my car because my iPod malfunctioned on the highway on Friday.

I put it in its cradle. An “!” appeared on the screen with some teeeeny writing underneath, telling me which url to go to cos the iPod was FUBAR’d. I had to peer really closely to get the address.

Close enough to not notice the towbar of the Volvo S40 in front of me slicing through the front half of my car as I drove into it.

07 Jun, '06 11:32 AM

8. Adrian

I’m not sure you can blame Apple for driving like an idiot …




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