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Was sitting on the gate (wooden swing fence thing) that leads into the east side of the square at Covent Gardens waiting for Craig who had gone to get beers. A truck needed to get out so I got booted off the gate.

So I'm then standing outside Belushi's, waiting for Craig and quite obviously checking the legs of an cute girl in a short skirt (I love summer, yes I do, yes I do). The girl turns to me, smiles politely, and says You're about to get hit by a truck.

I blushed and mumbled something incoherent, and moved off the road.

i.e. the truck that was getting through the gate that I had just moved for in the first place. I'm such an idiot.


19 Jul, '05 1:55 PM

1. graybo

I’ve always found that being mashed into jam by a juggernaut is always a good trick to impress the ladies.

19 Jul, '05 2:02 PM

2. Adrian

Well this time I didn’t actually injure myself. I’ve hurt both my neck and my head looking at girls.

I’m sure there is actually a lesson in here somewhere. Perhaps beyond the fact I’m an idiot, but I can’t quite place my finger on it.

19 Jul, '05 2:04 PM

3. graybo

If I were you, I wouldn’t try - you might hurt your finger.

19 Jul, '05 2:06 PM

4. Adrian

Must …. avoid …. rude …. comment … about … fingers ….

19 Jul, '05 3:52 PM

5. abi

that is a classic, i love that! almost cartoon-like.

did you step on the pointy bits of a rake next and it went p-toing in your face?

19 Jul, '05 7:40 PM

6. razorhead

always remember to retract your tongue

20 Jul, '05 1:24 AM

7. Dani

Ouch. I’ve only ever managed to walk into a door, which is hardly as impressive as facing the danger of a speeding truck to win someone’s attention. Clearly, I have much to learn. :)

20 Jul, '05 11:35 AM

8. Adrian

I don’t think I was so much trying to win her attention as just check out her legs. I’m to shy to talk to girls so I’m just a dodgy perve instead.

I think there is another lesson in that too.

20 Jul, '05 12:53 PM

9. Lori

“checking the legs of an cute girl in a short skirt (I love summer, yes I do, yes I do)” — you and Topper both :)

Was nice of her to warn you of your impending maiming. Thoughtful and nice legs.

21 Jul, '05 3:19 PM

10. Extreme Boarder

A friend of mine fell off a mountain path once as he turned around to stare at the first bird we’d seen in 12 days. The fact she was wearing a tight, wet, white see-through top didn’t help. We managed to grab the top of his ruck sac as his feet dangled over the edge. PS - you are allowed to talk to girls as well as oggle them. Just none called Kimberley




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