But almost 70% of young women believe it is "acceptable, if not fashionable" to be late on a first date because it makes them feel "less desperate" [How late is late]

Go on, tell me again how you lot don't play games?

Ross's Upgrade to Mac OS X Tiger - 2 hours.

  1. Put install disk in.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Take Install disk out.

sevitzdotcom's Upgrade to Mac OS X Tiger - 2 weeks

I must apologise for this post. Really I must because I know in the cold light of day it is probably quite pathetic. However its 2:36am, and I'm rather quite drunk, on the back of quite a difficult week (emotionally). On gin as well and we all know about gin. I'll apologise especially to the one person in particular who hopefully will just ignore this.

You know it's really hard being a bloke. Or perhaps it's just hard being me, but I would like to hope that most blokes struggle with this kind of shit too.

2 tone gloomy photo of myself

There is a Calvin & Hobbes where Calvin and Suzie are getting test results back. Suzie gets an A or something and exclaims happiness with the result. Calvin gets a C and does the same. Suzie asks him why he is so happy with an average grade and Calvin explains that life is a lot easier when you keep everyone's expectations low. The strip is much funnier, but google wasn't designed to search for text in a comic image.

I have been accused over the last few days of negative thinking. Whilst over the last few days that's probably been correct, I'm not entirely sure (irrational) positive thinking is the correct answer for everyone. Sure it works for some people, and those people who are the great sportsman and businessman and whatnots all did it with an unfailing belief they they would always succeed. And they do.

However that's not me. I work better with smaller more realistic goals. I simply don't "big up" myself. Some people do, but I'm far more comfortable picking goals I know are achievable. If this means I go down a green slope not a red one then that's fine by me. I don't need the blunder and bluster to say I can handle anything. Sure this might not always push or stretch myself as much, but their is a lot to be said for gaining confidence on the green slope rather than loosing it on the red slope.

The trick is to be able to tell the difference between this is not an achievable goal for me and this is a goal I'm afraid of failing. For some people there is nothing they are afraid of failing and no such thing as a goal they can't archive. This isn't me. Some people are Calvins and some are Suzies.

I'm a Calvin. Interestingly most of my friends are Suzies.




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