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Photograph of two paved paths with a worn section in the grass at the shortest points between them where people have walked over the grass

HINT: It's got nothing to do with the people. They wouldn't all leave the park so I could take a picture. I thought about asking but I wouldn't know how to explain 'blog' to the arresting officer.


09 Nov, '04 10:30 AM

1. Gordon

Bad path planning? A setup?

09 Nov, '04 10:33 AM

2. Gordon

AHA! Got it! A woman with impossibly large 80s style hair (or a rather thin lion walking on it’s hind legs and wearing a black trouser suit).

Or is it the ghost dragging it’s ghostly brethern along with it?

09 Nov, '04 10:39 AM

3. Adrian

Sigh. Hint added above.

09 Nov, '04 11:37 AM

4. Bindy

Dead people?

09 Nov, '04 12:03 PM

5. Em

lots of leaves and grass?

09 Nov, '04 1:53 PM

7. zed

dead leaves ?

09 Nov, '04 1:56 PM

8. Destructor

The clue is ‘web development’. Where some people see a path, you see either the ‘h’ in html, or some kind of networking connection. Am I close?

09 Nov, '04 2:16 PM

9. Gordon

Two big legs stepping over a tree… the paths are legs right, we’re standing mid-torso…


A uniquely segued device unto which we are projecting whatever we want in an effort to illicite emotional and/or physical responses with repetitous glee.

(MAN this coffee is GREAT!!!)

09 Nov, '04 2:17 PM

10. Gordon


The fact that no-one follows the path before them and wants to follow their own.. leading to the dark side, suffering, pain, anger… strong in you the force is…

(Did I mention the coffee???)

09 Nov, '04 3:44 PM

11. terreus

Someone has pinched the ‘Keep of the grass’ sign.

09 Nov, '04 4:17 PM

12. Julius

A rabbit.

09 Nov, '04 4:21 PM

13. David

I see that the path connecting the two paths is in fact not a concrete path, but a patch where the grass has been worn due to people taking short cuts.

09 Nov, '04 4:48 PM

14. Princess of Darkness

I squinted ands trained but the picture didn’t go all 3-D. What a rip! Worst. Blog. Evah.

09 Nov, '04 6:17 PM

15. Stace

something to do with a tree, potentially symbolising paper, across a path from a lamp post(I presume), both of which you cannot see the top of?

09 Nov, '04 6:31 PM

16. razorhead

that the number of paths a man must walk before you can call him a man is, in fact, two.

09 Nov, '04 7:24 PM

17. stacey

2 paths - one more direct than the other - but both end up at same destination?

09 Nov, '04 7:30 PM

18. stacey

have to agree with Gordon - the paths do look like legs

09 Nov, '04 7:35 PM

19. shift+e

What a load of bollocks - there is no meaning in this picture for anyone other than you.

09 Nov, '04 9:34 PM

20. Tyrannize

Well if pushed for a sensible answer I’m with Destructor or Gordon on the shape of the path, or possible the stupidness of building two paths right next to each other - but after staring at it for a while - I came up with:

  • Breasts
  • The 8 Management Processes of a PRINCE II Project.
10 Nov, '04 3:53 AM

21. melly

So, I’m from South Texas. When I see a puddle, I immediately think it has to be urine. I know this isn’t the right answer, but it’s all about the locality in which I live in.

10 Nov, '04 5:31 AM

22. Katherine

Autumn. Big Fence. Dirt short cut.

10 Nov, '04 7:54 AM

23. Francesca


10 Nov, '04 8:46 AM

24. Destructor

What a load of bollocks - there is no meaning in this picture for anyone other than you.

He didn’t ask what HE saw- he asked what YOU saw.

10 Nov, '04 10:43 AM

25. Brother Jon

What do you see in this comment?

10 Nov, '04 10:45 AM

26. Adrian


Smart arse.

10 Nov, '04 1:53 PM

27. stacey

I reckon there is a ‘blog that generated the most comments’ award that Sevitzdotcom is aiming for so he can get himself in a magazine again.

10 Nov, '04 1:59 PM

28. Adrian

I would have got that for my tits post.

05 Jun, '07 3:58 AM

29. chico

You adults are somwhat ignorent. For i am nothing but a mere child with c and d’s and yet i noticed THE CAR IS PARKED FRONT TO FRONT ON the side!just saying. now i make like a tree and leave

08 May, '08 11:07 AM

30. Nelly

I think it’s a man, who drives roller-skates.




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