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I told you it would it start.

Pastor says 'Jews killed Jesus' sign isn't hateful. Gordon said he was partly motivated by Gibson's movie, but added he would not be seeing the film itself because he neither attends movies nor watches television.
A really good article at the mirror however shows that I really don't have to see the movie to know that I am right about it. [via Gert]
So when the film is later shown, in Russia and Poland, say, or Egypt and Syria, there will be a ready-made propaganda vehicle for those who fancy a bit of torture and murder, with a heavy dose of Jew-baiting thrown in.

Gibson knows very well that this will happen, and he'll be raking it in from exactly those foreign rights to the film.

So my advice is this. Do not go.

Leave it to the sickoes who like this sort of thing, and don't fill the pockets of the sicko who made it.

Meanwhile it appears us Jews control Hollywood (not that this hasn't been said before)

Although Eschaton (from whom I got the above link) sums it up nicely.

You know, I really can't believe this NYT article. You don't have to be Jewish to think Gibson's slasher porn flick, which rehabilitates Pilate to slam the Jews, is goddamn offensive. You don't have to be Jewish to think, after reading and watching Mel Gibson's interviews, that he's a total lunatic that no one in their right mind would want to work with.


28 Feb, '04 1:35 AM

1. Crystal

Unfortunately, enough people are going so that it doesn’t matter if a small percentage protests or not. I had a customer tell me today that she was given a coupon for two free tickets to this movie, but the movie theatre yesterday and today, from the time the theatre opened to the time it closed, had already been pre-sold-out. I refuse to go, and my family refuses to see it. I think it is horrible, and I hope Mel Gibson never works again (not that that negates the unfortunate widespread negative impact it has and will have). I was given a coupon for two free tickets myself, and I did not speak my mind only because I probably would have been fired (it was at work), but I am amazed at the number of churches giving these out. Granted, I am in the bible-belt, but this is sick. People will walk away believing this crap (just as they always believe whatever the media shoves in their face, without trying to find the TRUTH on their own), and they will teach it to their friends, family, and children. I’m keeping that coupon in a scrap book, so that when I have a child, I can show them what is right and what is so very wrong.

People always appropriate the bits they want to further their own agenda - this seems to be particularly true of Christianity and Islam. In theory it would be equally valid to put a banner on my house saying “Men killed Jesus” but I suspect people would just laugh (I hope so!) not start a pogrom against men. They would be right to laugh, it’s a ludicrous idea that all men would be held responsible down through the ages for something done by a few men two thousand years ago. The idea that all Jews are held responsible by some for the death of Jesus 2 thousand years later is equally laughable - or it would be if it wasn’t so dangerous.

28 Feb, '04 7:34 PM

3. Stacy

I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. I saw the UK preview Thursday and yes it was difficult whilst watching the torture scenes - but otherwise I’m Catholic so have heard the story a thousand times before and knew exactly how the film would go…I’ve got several Jewish friends whom I adore & I don’t think the film was anti-Jewish so much as anti-Roman. That’s just the way it was at the time; Jesus was Jewish after all. There were a few scenes which I found corny though (i.e., satan bits, shroud of Turin, still of crown/nails) and too ‘Hollywood.’ A moving film overall. imho, -S

29 Feb, '04 1:40 PM

4. Chris

[hat type=”bible basher”]

On a theological point - if Jesus hadn’t been killed (by whoevers hand it was - the Bible says it’s everyone’s fault, natch) then there’d have been no point in his turning up in the first place. His death (and subsequent resurrection) was the most important part of the whole caboodle :)


01 Mar, '04 12:00 PM

5. Adrian

Stacy, the fuss is about the fact that the movie resurrects (excuse the pun) myths that have widely been dismissed. Myths that have in the passed been used against Jews and myths that once again will give people the excuse they need “to sort out those bloody Jews”.

The Holocaust (which Mr Gibson doesn’t really think happened) was helped along on the back of those lies. Suicide bombers get told their own lies before killing innocents.

The fuss is about a generation of Jews who don’t want their kids to have to put up with the “Hey Jew boy, why did you kill Jesus” shit that we did.

The problem is not normal clear headed people who have Jewish friends. The problem is the ones that don’t. The ones that think Jews control Hollywood/Wall Street/The world. The ones that think they would have got the promotion if that Jew hadn’t taken it. The problem is the same people who are raciest and homophobic and hateful. The problem is people who come out of the movie saying they have rediscovered their faith. The problem is people who say the movie changed their lives.

The fuss is about the fact the problem is real.

01 Mar, '04 6:43 PM

6. Beth

I saw the film this past weekend. I would say that anyone who has seen the film or ever read the New Testament for that matter, will not walk away with the message you’re suggesting. I definitely see your point though. Perspective makes me think that the number of people who believe your assertion, are on par with the number that believe the Holocaust never happened: In other words..a very small number of whack jobs.

01 Mar, '04 7:00 PM

7. Adrian

The problem is that is the message many people are walking away with.

And it was a small number of whack jobs who started the Holocaust in the first place.

01 Mar, '04 8:52 PM

8. beth

Actually, I did see a protestor at Wednesdays showing near my office. But his sign said “Thou Shalt Not Kill. Go Vegan”.

08 Mar, '04 5:33 PM

9. shmeder

Hey first time visitor thanks to Stuart!

Here’s another link to that sign (it has a pretty picture of it)

I drove by it that Wednesday on my way to a job interview and it was quite a stunning sight.




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