I told you it would it start.

Pastor says 'Jews killed Jesus' sign isn't hateful. Gordon said he was partly motivated by Gibson's movie, but added he would not be seeing the film itself because he neither attends movies nor watches television.
A really good article at the mirror however shows that I really don't have to see the movie to know that I am right about it. [via Gert]
So when the film is later shown, in Russia and Poland, say, or Egypt and Syria, there will be a ready-made propaganda vehicle for those who fancy a bit of torture and murder, with a heavy dose of Jew-baiting thrown in.

Gibson knows very well that this will happen, and he'll be raking it in from exactly those foreign rights to the film.

So my advice is this. Do not go.

Leave it to the sickoes who like this sort of thing, and don't fill the pockets of the sicko who made it.

Meanwhile it appears us Jews control Hollywood (not that this hasn't been said before)

Although Eschaton (from whom I got the above link) sums it up nicely.

You know, I really can't believe this NYT article. You don't have to be Jewish to think Gibson's slasher porn flick, which rehabilitates Pilate to slam the Jews, is goddamn offensive. You don't have to be Jewish to think, after reading and watching Mel Gibson's interviews, that he's a total lunatic that no one in their right mind would want to work with.

Dear Vodafone,

Could you please inform me which of the following cases are accurate

  1. One of your Customer Service Representatives is secretly in love with me. As a result they are sabotaging my account so that every month there is a new problem causing me to phone you to get it resolved. This individual is hoping that the forces of fate will direct my call to her were she can quickly resolve all my issues result in her love being requited and our eventual marriage.

  2. You are part of a higher power responsible for karmic distribution, a karmic agency if you will. I have done some bad things in this life and possible in other lives. It's your responsibility to make my life more stressful in payback for all the bad things I have done.

  3. You hate me?

  4. You are a bunch of incompetent squirrel monkeys who would die quickly in the wild were you actually squirrel monkeys and not in a nice cushy office trying to make my life more miserable?

Yours in dispair

... or if you want to read my actual letter ... number 4 ...

Hey, Jew Boy, why did you kill Jesus?

Thanks Mel, now a whole bunch of Jewish kids can get abuse at school too. If Mr Gibson was an operating system, the advert tag line would be, "What old myth did you perpetuate today!"

Is it just me, or does the music for the opening credits of Star Trek Enterprise, sound not disimilar to the opening music for the Littlest Hobo.

Note: How you answer this post may (will?) say a lot about your viewing habits and ergo who you are. No pressure. :-)

One of my friends took my gift suggestions seriously (more of less). The bar has been raised ladies and gentleman. I suggest you step up to it.

Scan of birthday card made by friend





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