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I try to do the funky BA 'Online Check-In' last night at about 1am. Didn't work. Much swearing. Gave up. Tried again this morning at about 7am. Kept giving me an error message saying that you can only do 'Online Check-In' 12 hours before departure. I kept swearing and trying to explain to my computer screen that 8pm was 12 hours away from midnight.

It took a while for the computer screen to politely explain to me, that 8pm was not 12 hours from midnight.

I also spent 2 hours trying to get my new funky built in wireless card to work. It installed fine. The computer recognised it. It just kept saying that it was disabled. I downloaded drivers, utilities, hacks, everything. I tried every trick in the book I knew. Nothing. just would not work. Eventually I went to bed defeated. Spoke to my mate Jim today who also got one at the same time.

meHey man. Did you manage to get the wireless card working?
jimYeah it rocks!
meHow did you get it working? I tried everything, drivers, hacks you name it.
jimExtend your index finger ...
jim... and press the button on your laptop ...
jim... that looks like a little aerial.
me[cue screaming]
jim[cue laughing]

[Update 1] And to add to the above, I just had to call the taxi people and extend my cab to the airport as I had it scheduled so that I would be there a full 5 hours (not 2) before my flight departed. I truly am a idiot.

[Update 2] I just managed to overwrite all my contacts that I have carefully maintained for 7 plus years by synchronising my phone with outlook and pointing it to the wrong folder and then clicking yes, delete all my contacts and replace them with with my phone details not once but twice after wondering why their was a 60 person discrepancy between them. {bangs-head-against-wall-repeatedly]

[Update 3] Month old back up of contacts rescued. All is not lost. Well aside from my brain that is. Although all the tidying up I had done of it this month is gone. Also if I had put you on my eList and you are no longer on it, ask, and I'll put you back on.


29 Jan, '04 11:56 AM

1. razorhead

Doh x 2

29 Jan, '04 2:08 PM

2. Lori

Eep! You shouldn’t have come to the blogmeet. Looks like you’ve caught a bad case of stupid from me. Sorry.

29 Jan, '04 2:16 PM

3. Lisa

Gah! There’s no way to get your previous contact list back? :(




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