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If you are going to see a movie in a public cinema please,



Aside from that, I thought Kill Bill (Part I) was actually pretty good. Took my mind off the fact I have albanian mountain goat flu and may be dying. (Note to mom: I'm not actually dying, I'm fine)


24 Oct, '03 12:29 PM

1. beth

Alright, I realize you’re a real man and this is probably falling on deaf ears but, if you have the Albanian Mountain Goat Flu, you go home and take medicine and drink fluids and STAY HOME!!!! You don’t go see hot chicks kicking ass on the big screen. men ;)

24 Oct, '03 3:05 PM

2. Leelee

Do your parents actually read your blog?! hehe. Feel better!

By the way, I should probably apologize for my friend. He constatly talks during movies, even when people tell him to shut up. He sees going to the theater, as a social thing….even during the movie. sigh

25 Oct, '03 3:59 AM

3. Kevin

Well, that’s what you get for bothering those goats. ;-)

26 Oct, '03 3:27 PM

4. Lori

Kill Bill was a great film, I thought. We had a bit of a shared experience in the screen I was in - all gasping and laughing along together - so much better than a showing where inconsiderate idiots talk throughout.




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