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This was originally about the English Cricket Team, but it equally applies to South African rugby at the moment.

And boy is she a bitch.

Supporting the South African rugby team is like having a long-standing girlfriend who treats you like scum.

Over the years she's snogged your best mates, abused you emotionally and let you down on innumerable occasions. You know that she's bad for you; you know you should move on. But you can't let go. You've known her too long.

And every now and then, often after a few drinks, you find yourself thinking: hey - maybe I've been unfair on her. Deep down, she's a smashing girl.

No. Oh no. As soon as you open up and let her back in - bang. She's let you down again and copped off with your brother.

Let her go. End the anguish. You've suffered enough.




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