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A hedge bet is a counter bet you place in case you loose your first bet. This covers you so your loss isn’t going to be too bad regardless of the outcome of the game. It also can be used as an expression describing the covering of ones arse (or ass).

I have a goatee. I think it looks quite good on me. The vast majority of girls in the UK and Ireland don’t like facial hair however. This is why I have not had one for a while. Nevertheless I have one. The result of being sick for 5 days and not shaving (except yesterday to neaten it up, thereby transforming 5 days of scraggly growth into a goatee). I considered shaving it off before going out tonight to increase my (mostly nominal) chances of pulling. But I thought “fuck it”. Especially since I never really pull anyway.

Shaving it off would have been considered a hedge bet. Leaving it on can be considered doubling down.

Was out at Jongleurs in Camden tonight, which is a comedy club. Some good comedy and some decent laughs up to about 11pm and then it becomes a club. Their was a cute/foxy/my kind of attractive blonde girl with two very sexy tatts who I noticed early on. Slim and wearing a kind of white clingy out fit that just stuck to all thee curves. I noticed this girl the first time I saw her and had my eye on her for a long time. Not that I expected to do anything about it, as I am shy and never really approach girls. Ever. Especially ones I am attracted too.

I was on the dance floor shaking it about when suddenly two pairs of girls hand appeared around me. This girl who I was attracted too was behind me and her friend in front of me. My brain has a built in proximity sensor, and whenever attractive unknown girls are near me it shuts down. The nearer they are the more it shuts down. This close and it went for a vacation. It still is out there getting sun burnt I hear.

I had a bit of a boogie with them (and we are talking under half a minute tops) while my poor brain tried to cope with the fact that two attractive women where dancing with me and one of them was the girl in the entire club that I most attracted too. (un)Fortunately they disappeared rapidly and I turned around to see the girl I liked saying to her friend “no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no”.

As I spend a lot of times observing the anthropological aspects of bar/club interactions I knew instantly what happened. The girl I liked had said something to the other girl about men (and needing to get one). I may even have been mention specifically when seen from behind. This is unlikely but is in the realm of possibilities. I was then approached and jumped on (literally). Once observed from the front it was rapidly decided that I wasn’t wanted (i.e. “no no no no” etc) and an exit stage left was made.

Um thanks. Kick me in the gonads why don’t you.

I am actually used to bar room rejection to not be broken about it. Nobody can burn you like a girl you are interested in. What makes me wonder is would the result have been different had I been clean shaven? I suspect not, but it makes me wonder.

If anyone finds my ego, I wouldn’t mind it back. It may be broken and bruised, but I am sure I can pickle it and keep it in a jar somewhere.

As for the kick in the nads? Well I have been chewing loads ice this evening. What does that say?




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