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Was out last night for a girls birthday party. The same girl who set me up on the blind date. Blind date girl was also going to be there. I thought this would be a good test of things too.

Since I am unassigned (not based on a project) at the moment, I was in the office. So I got a bus up to Chalk Farm, had dinner at Nando’s, met Ari who was coming along and found the bar. Walked into the bar and recognised the group but no one really in it. The girl whose birthday it was came bounding over, and with a bit of deduction and vague memory I guessed it was her. She is one of those genuinely friendly and fun people and always good to be around. Anyway she pointed out where the blind date girl was sitting and told us to go and have fun.

Ari and went and joined the blind date girl and one of her friends and got chatting. But too be honest there where no real sparks. Also conversation flowed much more difficulty especially with other people to distract us. There where a few opportunities when she could have come over to chat but chose not too. She also left rather early when the opportunity of a lift home came up, which although convenient, she didn’t need. Now I figure that if she was more interested she would have stayed. I would have was I interested in someone. So I would say although a nice girl, its probably not going to happen.

Funny thing is I got email from her first thing in the morning (as I got the whole of last week) being all chatty and friendly. Guess its not much more than an email flirt though.

I did however speak to the birthday girl. I was feeling a bit of trepidation saying the date didn’t go well, as she knew both parties. Turned out she wasn’t bothered and obviously understands this whole world of blind dating much better than I. She has now set me up with another girl. Got a mail from her this morning

Hi Adrian

Oy! I feel sick. Such a hang over. Ugggggggggh. Did you enjoy last night??????

Anyway: Date No 2 #

[Girls Name]
Small, very slim, cute
Seems a lot more on your wave length (little zany)
Mob: [Ha not like I am going to leave that number in here either]

Spoke to her, she's happy for you to call.

C ya
Love, V

Which all looks rather promising. Have been avoiding calling for the last 7 hours. Maybe its good I have to bite the bullet and call. Can’t hide behind email. I have no idea what to say so I just might call blind after dinner without thinking about it too much.


02 Oct, '02 12:50 AM

1. rathicca

If you ask me, it’s that birthday party/ fixeruperer girl you should be calling. unless she has a boyfriend. Then you shouldn’t be calling.

btw, how is the gym stuff going?

02 Oct, '02 4:41 AM

2. Adrian

She has a boyfriend.

Gym stuff going ok. Making progress albeit it slow.

02 Oct, '02 7:45 AM

3. Destructor

Mahn, why the hell can’t my friends set me up with numerous cute women? Krazy. Good luck with this one, A.


02 Oct, '02 7:54 AM

4. Adrian

Thanks Dan.

Oh and could have come on monday, and got set up …

03 Oct, '02 8:03 AM

5. Destructor

As we discussed, my foreskin might freak them out.


03 Oct, '02 8:22 AM

6. Adrian

True, but she may have some Yok friends too.

04 Oct, '02 7:33 AM

7. Destructor

What’s a Yok? I ain’t dating no large long-haired wild or domesticated ox of Tibet and adjacent elevated parts of central Asia!

Anyway, how’d the date go? Aren’t dentists like, really into pain?


04 Oct, '02 7:48 AM

8. Adrian

A Yok is a non Yid.

The date is on sunday. I’ll wait for subsequent dates before I ask about the pain thing.




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