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Have no fear this will not turn into a obsessive compulsive daily report about gym and eating and how many calories I ate and rubbish. It was pointed out to me last night that I was in danger of becoming boring and that I could easily go on about this to the point of being really irritating. So don't worry, I will find something more interesting to talk about soon. Like carrots. Or Natalie Portman's Nipples as Lisa suggested in yesterday comments.

Oh and to resolve the issues of Cardio & Weights (see yesterdays gym comments) together I asked gym dude this morning. The original program I was given was designed for lazy sods like me who never go to gym or kinda go 3 or so times a week. At that level its good to combine both and get a rounded work out. He said that if I was going to up the intensity that would be then I want to alternate the cardio and the weights to give my muscles time to recover. I told him what I was doing and he said that was fine for the moment, but that if I was finding I was feeling very tired or sore (muscle ache) then to alternate the cardio and weights and/or come back to them so that they could work out a new program for me.

See I told you they knew what they where doing. So if I can keep this up, I may actually look good for the beach in December. That's my goal. But I am two mornings into it and have about 14 weeks to go. Any fit young sexy thangs who want to stand next to me in the gym every morning in a cheerleaders outfit cheering me on would really help me a lot.

Ok that's it for me waffling about gym. I'm off to find a stick of celery now. Ha ha ha.




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