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God bless the internet. I have just downloaded 130 emails (yep that’s right) caught up on all my blog reading, and replied, saved and deleted emails as appropriate. Finally a decent internet connection. No more cell phone remote 9600 dial up, no more internet cafes. And with net-cafes not letting you plug in your own laptop? Surely they must have figured this out by now. Anyway after a expensive but good fish and shellfish dinner and some good wine and Irish (decaf) coffee I have now od'ed on the net and am no longer getting the geek shakes.

Anyway, a few things before I go to bed (early night to night).

Whoever is posting as bob in my guestbook and comments, either use your real name, a nick name I would recognise or bugger off. I don't have the time or the patience. You are not impressing anyone.

Today we travelled Ireland from Galway to Dingle. I would provide links but I am only logging on to send and receive so you'll have to look it up yourself on the net. We did the Cliffs of Moher which where really quite amazing. We guessed about 200m of sheer cliff drop. Then a car ferry Clare and Kerry and finally cut through the mountain pass in the Dingle area. We where knee deep (in a car?????) in mist and it really was quite spectacular even if we couldn’t see shit. The most amazing thing about Ireland is how Irish looking everything is. It's all right out of an Irish movie. And they could have filmed LOTR here too and no one would have noticed any difference.

I am sorter getting a sorter cold so I am trying to take care of myself a bit. My shoulder muscles are really sore.

We are staying with N!'s folks tomorrow night. I am kind of nervous as I want to make a good impression. I don't want her folks to think she has loser friends.

Ok need to dial up and post this then I can get some much needed sleep. Night all. [Adrian in Dingle]




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