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So two things start this weekend which I am not particularly bothered about.

The Soccer World Cup

I mean blatantly its not rugby. That's the first problem with soccer. The second is the players are all a bunch big girls blouses. And finally everyone gets a little too over eager for a game that isn't rugby. I mean I will watch and enjoy the world cup. But I'm just not all that bothered by it.
The Queens Jubilee
Load of rubbish. Ok so most people I know, know I am not a royalist. I think the whole bunch is a waste of time. Actually I think the young ones aren't too bad and may have potential. But the present incumbents I think are a waste of time. Queenie should have handed over the reins ages ago. I just don't understand people who want to line up for ages in massive crowds too see some old women thy do not know and have nothing in common with. So this whole jubilee rubbish is a pain. Except for the extra day off work which is nice. But really don't give a flying about any of it.
However next weekend is the first rugby test for my boys (Springbok vs. Wales) and the Tyson vs. Lewis fight. Both events I am far more looking forward too.




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