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Don't know how long or how much sense this blog will make cause, its near 4am and I am fucking tired. Went to the doors tonight. The Doors is my old rock club where I used to go as a student. It’s the best rock club ever and its mine (if you know what I mean - we all have a place that is ours). Anyway to cut the story short, single girl by herself joins up with our crowd. Mate of mine RW ends up pulling her (British term, means the same as scoring). I am very pissed off. Party cause RW is very successful with chicks, but mostly cause it was on my home ground. According to Rob she made a beeline for RW anyway, but was hard to tell. It doesn't actually matter. I mean I am not pissed off at RW (well I am, but its other things that bug me). I mean I don't chat to girls much, and I did have some good chat with her. We both used to go to the original Doors back in the day, she went to my uni, she dated one of my classmates for fucks sake. But its more just that this was MY home ground, MY haunting ground, MY club. And RW still was more successful than me. I know this place, I know the people. I can tell who is there for the music and who is there for the crowd. I can tell who is the rock chick, and who is the goth and who is just there cause some mates dragged them. It's my place. RW was wearing a black shirt and jeans cause that’s what I told him to wear. He was drinking Black Label beer cause that’s what I said we used to drink at the Doors. I am just annoyed. Its my territory, and I fell like I lost something. I now know why a sports team feels worse loosing at home. And then when I just wanted to loose myself in the music everyone kept talking to me and wouldn’t leave me alone. And I am also tired of everyone telling me how to pick up women. I know the theory its just the practical that I don’t do. I aint stupid. Anyway I am so tired I need to go to bed. Just needed to get this ramble out.




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