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Ok, I am heading home. Via some sort of lunch (probably MacD's) and a hair cut if anyone is open. I am probably going to endeavor to get absolutely shitfaced tonight as I need to. I had a great weekend last week and a great Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Then I got sick and took my rental back and have spent the last 4 days in relative isolation (save Ari). All my mates are away and I have no car so I can't visit the ones that are here easily. My plans to go up to Ross on the weekend where fucked up by the car and the being ill. So I think I am going nuts. Between my flat not being ready and my car in the shop I am very unsettled and agitated at the moment. Also I figure that the girls I have some sort of slight interest in are in the 'snowballs chance in hell' category rather than the 'slim chance' category. So I am pretty much had enough of 2001. Its mean a mixed year of some big highs and big lows. I am glad it happened cause it made me realise I have awesome fucking friends. Which is more important than all the shit I took.

Friends kick butt. I would list them here, but the names are too many. I know who my mates are and they know who they are. If it wasn't for them I probably would be a turnip. Anyway, [clinks glass] heres to my mates.

Here's also to hoping that 2002 (first palindromic year for 11 years) is a good one for me (and all my mates and blog readers and everyone else (except cats)). I hope my car is sorted soon, as is my flat. As for chicks, who knows, who cares. Just hope the year goes smoothly and I have lots of hangovers from great times.

So happy 2002 all. Have a great new years party. See you in the new year. And when in doubt remember 42.




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