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Ok so it has been a few days since an update. Have mainly been out. Somewhat because I have been doing stuff and somewhat because I want to get out of the house. Thinks are a little tense at the moment. Anyway I am not going to give a blow by blow account of the last few days, as its probably not all that exciting but will give the highlights.

  • Friday night went to Spy Games. Was a good movie, enjoyed it.
  • Saturday day I went to the England vs. South Africa rugby game. It was good going to a live game, and I had a good afternoon, but was very disappointed that we lost. I think the new coach is not up to scratch and our provincial season needs work. Time shall tell, but I have no doubt the Springboks will be back
  • Saturday night Gail came down from Nottingham for a night out in London. Went out with her and Ari and Nicola and Craig (who joined us at the club). Went to Bieradrome (Belgium Beer Bar) to say hi and happy birthday to Caroline. Also had chow their and then went on to Strawberry Moons. It was a good night and I think Gail had a good time, but was hard to tell as she is rather quiet. She is very attractive but I don’t think the chemistry was there which was a pity. Oh well as long as she had a good time that’s what counts. Slept on the floor (gave her my bed ) and had strange dreams about the granite for the work top in my new kitchen. Bizarre but I reckon it was because I was sleeping on a hard surface
  • Went to Ross for lunch (had to get out of the house). Their ex flat mates (Jane and Aiden) where up from NY and a friend of theirs who I had met before called Martine came round. Stayed and watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which is a stunning movie. I then joined Jane and Aiden and Martine in a bar in Baker Street. I mainly went cause Martine is rather cute and single. But also quiet (what is it with cute quiet girls at the moment) and I don’t think interested in me. Aaah well got me out the house and was a good day
  • Had another weird dream Sunday night. It started off ok but I woke up at 5am very unhappy and distraught and upset. I though that I should blog it cause I was never going to remember it and I don’t. I just can remember how terrible I felt when I work up. Maybe something is on my mind but I have no idea what. Lets see how tonight goes.
  • Spoke to Someone this evening. She texted me and I decided to call her instead of texting her back. Conversation was pretty good and we laughed and joked a lot. But after putting the phone down I got myself all wound up. Its very hard to tell what she thinks of me or how much she does like me. Then I started thinking she is too smart for me or wouldn’t be keen or whatever. Got myself completely in a knot. Why do I always choose difficult relationships with unobtainable women? I would really like to date her and get to know her better to see if there is anything there. But don’t know how to approach things with this girl. I wont see her for 10 weeks at least and so need to take things easy. Who knows. This one is in the firm hands of “time shall tell”

I have been antsy all day. I hate waiting. I am waiting to find out if I can get a new cell phone (long story don’t ask). I am waiting till Wednesday to find out if I my new place will be finished by Friday. I am waiting for my new place. I am waiting to have my floor laid. Waiting waiting waiting. And I can’t do anything to speed these things up. And patience is not a one of my stronger points. Oh well wish me luck.

Anyway its late I look like shit, I need some sleep, I am the weakest link, so goodnight.




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