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The title of the blog means “No worries” and is a phrase from the The Lion King which I saw last night. Actually the phrase is a bit ironic as my dad is stressed to all hell with a tender he is trying to put in and a close friend of mine is all pissed off about something I put in a blog.

My dad is trying to put this big value tender in to a company in Mauritius and the plane it was meant to go on got hit by hail and was delayed for a day. He tried to fax the tender and the guy helping them on the other still was late to hand it in. Ok he was only 3 minutes late, but late is late. They are all waiting on tender hooks to see if it will be accepted.

I feel really bad about my friend who is cross with me, but since the reason is because of stuff to do with blogging, I’ll just leave it at that. It is a pity that saying ‘Hakuna Matata’ does solve things like it did in the play.

Anyway about the play. GO SEE IT. Its really really good. Spectacular sets and costumes. I only saw half the movie (I avoided the movie it much in the same vain I am anti-potter) But I knew the general story and one or two of the songs. The play was really well done, and had some great African singing and dancing and they really got the movements of the animals right. It really was fantastic. It’s also on in LA, Toronto and NY, so if you are in any of those cities go see it too. You won’t regret it I promise.




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