Have serious doubts that I am going to get my car this weekend. Dealers being very vauge. Car is meant to arrive at him today. No word. On the plus side, I called DirectLine for insurance as I decided to go with them. They quoted me £1110+ yesterday and today I have been quoted £955.50. Go figure. Anyway, anyone reading this wish me good car Karma.

Its easier to ask for forgivness than permission. Stolen bandwith but am back up and connected at the client in Woking.

Haven't yet heard from car dealer reagrding my license and reg. This means I cant organise insurance yet. Grr, Grr and double grr.

It's hot as fuck today.

Hooo Raaa!

Sunny. Had soft serve flakey ice creams in Trafalgar square after lunch. I wish you could depend on English summer weather more.





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